Pop up anywhere & park everywhere

  • Travel light and Go off-road.
  • It is foldable and easy to set up.
  • Perfect to travel light in solo/ couple or with your family and children.

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Aliner are the lightest, most innovative & foldable campers on the market.

Aliner is appreciated by campers who want to upgrade their confort While keeping the feeling they camp in the wild ».

It is also a perfect solution for first time callers who want to enjoy nature with confort at low budget.

The objective is to return to the roots of the campsite to fully enjoy nature with real comfort against all bad weather.

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Easy Park & Go!
Small enough to fit your garage
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Easy Fold & set ups
1 person 2 hands 30 SECOND SETUP TIME
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Travel light Go off road
Low consumption and access any wild grounds
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Easy to drive & tow
Aliners can be towed with any car and make an off road ride a wonderful experience.

More Benefits

Good investment
One of the best resale values (80% of purchase price after 3 years)
Control cost when travelling
The folded height is below 2 m which allows you to pay less highways fees if you plan cross France
Built to last
Low maintenance fees.
Perfect for first timers camping
Easy to maneuver, a perfect caravan to start camping in the wilderness
Into the wild experience
Made in USA built for adventure and discovery for 35 years

Small difference outside and big difference inside

2 persons

Perfect for campgrounds


Perfect for Improvised weekend trips or campground with amenities Small size, perfect for solo or Couple

2 persons

Perfect for Remote camping

Ranger 10

Giving you the freedom and comfort to camp anywhere Offers ample space, a full range of standard and optional features,

4 persons

Upgraded Equipment level

Ranger 12

Camp anywhere with additional space gives campers more living place the Ranger 10.

4 persons

Home on wheels


Strech out in to the wild with total autonomy. The Expedition is perfect for the family or the couple who love some extra room.

A smart choice


Once the caravan is folded, you don’t need specific caravanning experience or a more powerful vehicle to be able to tow it.


Vans and motorhomes are heavy and the basic models are starting at a higher budget. Aliner customers see in the A frame A lighter and more affordable alternative.


Traditional camper is the best to be at the heart of nature. But it is also synonym of Humidity, you don’t have those equipment that bring you conform and transfer your adventure in a confortable 43 experience.


Caravans are probably the closest alternative you can find on the market. Aliner customer value the 3 A frame Benefits.